Plant Pairings Website

Technologies Used:

  • React
  • Firebase
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When I’m not busy on the Internet, I enjoy gardening. For the past few years, I’ve been growing vegetables at a community garden and have learned a lot about plants. Something that I find interesting is companion planting, or planting certain plants near each other because they mutually benefit from the impacts the other plants have on the soil. I was using this method to help plan the layout for my garden last year and came up with the idea for my plant pairing website.

The main purpose of the website is to help fellow gardeners easily determine which plants grow best when planted in close proximity to each other. Right now, users can choose a plant and see the best and worst pairings for it. In the future though, I’d like to expand this to have more links between the plants and to eventually allow users to digitally layout their garden online based on the best pairings.

I built the website using React for the user interface and Firebase for the website and database hosting. The website is responsive, so that gardeners can use it to plan their garden ahead of time, while they’re at their local gardening store, or already outside in the garden.