ASH Annual Meeting Kiosk

Technologies Used:

  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Handlebars.js
  • Masonry jQuery plugin
  • RequireJS

The American Society of Hematology holds an annual meeting each year highlighting the latest in research and clinical practice techniques in the hematology community. For the 2016 Annual Meeting, I created a kiosk website to help attendees learn more about the society and the benefits of becoming a member. The kiosk was run on multiple iPad Pros at the Society's booths and attendees could navigate through it at their own pace. Through the kiosk, attendees were also able to subscribe to receive email updates about topics of interest.

I worked with the marketing team to design the website and incorporate features that would help them generate leads. The design was inspired by the tile aesthetic made popular by the Windows 10 desktop design. While it is a website that's run as a progressive web app (to hide the browser chrome), the movement between pages was made to feel smooth and give an app-like experience.

All of the content is delivered as a JSON file and Handlebars.js is used to templatize the design and display the content. The Masonry jQuery plugin tiles the initial website display and manages shifts in the tiles that are caused when changing the screen orientation. A combination of CSS3 and JavaScript is used for the animations within the kiosk.

ASH Annual Meeting Kiosk Home Screen
ASH Annual Meeting Kiosk Home Screen

You can interact with the kiosk below to see what the experience was like.

Interactive ASH Annual Meeting Kiosk